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ORIENT Profile ORIENTMED was found in 2005, and its principal business focus on medical devices and medical instruments. In addition, ORIENTMED develops some other business such as real estate and investment. ORIENTMED has six manufacturer groups and provide different kinds of medical products. The main products of ORIENTMED are Medical appareland protective wear, Mobility aids, Injection And Infusion Products, Surgical instruments,Medical respiratory products, Dental supplies,Sanitary nursing products,Gynaecological instruments, Medical catheter,Menthol series, Medical plaster,Diabetes test products, Digital test equipment,Diagnostic Test Products and etc. ORIENTMED`s products are more than 30 series, 400 categories and 60,000 specifications products, and she has become one of the most reliable suppliers of medical system solutions in the world. ORIENTMED insists on adjusting industry structure by technology innovation and improving the ability of independent innovation. Based on the excellent quality and reasonable prices, we have received good reputation from many different countries, such as Germany, France, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kuwait, Australia, South Africa, and so on Quick View With 10 years of development and experience, ORIENTMED now serves the following markets: Hospital, Clinics, Dental, Food Service, Industrial, Homecare, Government and Consumer markets.; Geographically, HEBEI ORIENT provides its products to nearly every international marketplace with growing presence inUSA,Canada, Europe,South Americaand most Asian countries.Our Vision:Becoming an excellent enterprise that all customers trust and staffs love! !Our Mission:Helping staffs grow and work together to create brilliance!Our values:Behavior: health, self-confidence, honesty, sharing, gratefulness!Action: profession, efficiency, teamwork, passion, and win-win!

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  • Never wear a shin guard after an injury

    July 23, 2020

    The shin guard is used to protect the lower leg, also known as the shin guard.Due to the high level of confrontation in football, the probability of a player being kicked in the shin is very high, so it is necessary to wear the right shin guard to protect his shin.From a physical point of view, the leg pads disperse and cushion the impact that would otherwise be applied to the lower leg.The gap between the thigh plate and the leg ACTS as a buffer, as does the skin between the thigh bone and the thigh plate to prevent fractures. If a player is not wearing a brace, a fracture of the tibia or fibula can occur when a strong force is applied to the lower leg. In severe cases, a fracture of the thigh bone or a tear of the cruciate ligament in the knee can occur. It is clearly stated in the football rules and regulations stipulated by FIFA that football players must wear leg pads made of plastic, rubber and similar materials to provide some protection, and they must be completely covered by football socks.

  • The introduction of pen-based blood collecting needle

    July 16, 2020

    Pen-based blood sampling needle is not widely used in clinical practice.Its structure is a connected needle tube with sharp cutting edge on both ends. The middle and lower part of the needle tube is fixed on the needle base. The front end is called vein puncture needle and the back end is called blood collecting needle.In clinical practice, it is usually used in conjunction with needle holder and one-time blood vessel collection. When in use, the blood collecting needle is rotated and fixed at the front end of the external cylinder of the needle holder for vein puncture. After success, the vacuum blood collecting vessel is inserted into the cavity at the back end of the needle holder to make the blade at the back end of the blood collecting needle pass through the blood blocking sleeve and Pierce through the vacuum tube rubber plug. Under the effect of negative pressure, the blood is extracted into the blood collection tube.This repetition can realize the collection of multi-tube blood samples.

  • Are sterilized surgical scalpels also disposable?

    July 15, 2020

    The surgical scalpel has a blade and a handle.The blades are high carbon steel, very hard, very sharp, disposable.After the handle is used, it will be sterilized by high temperature, that is, it can be reused.During the operation, the surgeon will ask the instrument nurse for a round or sharp knife.A round or sharp knife is a blade with the same handle.The instruments are assembled and assembled by the nurse on the operating table. The surgical scalpel handle is not disposable, the blade is disposable and is fixed to the handle through the bayonet

  • What are the sports protection products?

    July 13, 2020

    What kind of sports protective products is indispensable in sports, is the problem that everybody pays attention to all the time, below, introduce to you what kind of common sports protective products, protect us in the process of sports from injury. Kneepads Kneepads are widely used in basketball, football and track and field. They can help strengthen the meniscus, soft tissue and ligament of the knee and reduce unnecessary accidental injuries. waist support The waist protection has the very good support function to the human body important part waist, is one of the sports more extensive protective equipment, the lumbar disease person, also often USES the waist protection protection. wristbands Wrist protector is also a common joint protector, common in all kinds of sports, use very common, the price is not particularly expensive, some of their own joint injury, can also wear wrist protector.

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